“I felt good when I walked into Pimento” says Varun Ahuja, entrepreneur and proud new resident when asked the reason for deciding to move in.  “The almost constant gentle breeze, the ample but not disturbing light in all areas of the apartment makes one feel full of energy” he adds. Describing a person or a physical space in terms of energy happens all the time. Sensed by all, energy exists and is something that colors our observations albeit in an intangible way. And physical spaces like living beings have their own energy. Residents at Pimento, like Ms. Mathura Rajan, successful business woman who says “People who come home want to come again, they feel happy to be here” articulate on this sense of energy that makes a space attractive to people. Design plays a significant role in this – especially in an apartment. The natural circular shape enhances the circulation of air and light and softens the inside sounds of home, making your abode mellow and airy at the same time. As you enter your home, the sounds of city life are left behind. The curved walls of the building efficiently deflect all the noise from outside, ensuring you are cocooned in the comforting sounds of home and hearth. The circular walls cleverly deflect strong winds to ensure that automatically minimize wear and tear of the structure that makes your home. Energy exists, for people, homes and places. And at Pimento, the energy is a happy one.